Block in a Box offers a mix-and-match range of services for flats and apartments. Living in a flat is very different to living in a house.

So, we designed Block in a Box to help you with this with a mix-and match toolbox supplying all the services you need.

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Created to help you self-manage your block.

Specialist insurance for all types of blocks of flats.

Liability protection for directors and officers.

Lift machinery breakdown insurance.

Find local services for your Block of Flats

Our recommended contractors are all time served specialists in their fields and include:

  • 3D Surveys – Whether you are selling or renting or just wanting to show people around your property or business.
  • Accounting Solutions – Preparation and submission of annual accounts and budgeting to prepare for collecting service charges.
  • Alternative Accommodation – We source hotel accommodation, rental accommodation, hire furniture and arrange storage removals and packing when residents have to move out of their home due to an insurance claim.
  • Asbestos Survey and Management – If your building was built before the year 2000 then it almost certainly should have an asbestos survey completed, as stated in the Control of Asbestos Regulations.
  • Company Secretarial – Support for your company matters.
  • Contractor Accreditation – Co-operation and communication between employers and contractors are needed to make sure all parties can meet their obligations.
  • Cyber Security Training – Help to manage your cyber security, due diligence investigations, regulatory compliance, training & technology risk requirements.
  • Drone Surveys – Help if you need a survey for construction, planning or to give you some project insight.
  • Electric Charging Points – Innovative, intelligent and inexpensive charging points.
  • Emergency Assistance – It’s important to have someone on hand in case of emergency repairs or unforeseen circumstances within your property.
  • Enfranchisement – The majority of leaseholders in a block of flats can collectively compel the freeholder to sell the freehold to them. We can advise on the procedure and options if you are served with such a notice.
  • EWS1 Forms – Block in a Box provides a comprehensive service assisting owners and managers of blocks of flats with building Façade surveys and EWS1 form requests.
  • Fire Door Inspection – Fire doors are key elements of a buildings passive fire protection, ensuring compartmentation and often protecting vital escape routes.
  • Fire Risk Assessment – Since 1st October 2006, every block of flats has a legal duty to undergo fire safety risk assessments. Again, this applies to common parts, not to the inside of any flats, and is an obligation of the landlord.
  • Flat Living – Information, products and services for flat owners and residents’ management companies.
  • FPRA – When managing a block of flats, there will undoubtedly be occasions when you need some professional guidance.
  • Health and Safety – Including health and safety risk assessments, fire risk assessments, asbestos surveys and legionella surveys.
  • Health and Safety Awareness Training – Our training programmes are structured to deliver comprehensive content that is relevant and jargon-free. Upon completion of the training a certificate will be issued to each attendee.
  • Health and Safety Risk Assessments – All blocks of flats must have a risk assessment carried out on the health and safety of any common areas (a requirement of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999).
  • Historic Building Repair and Maintenance – Block in a Box is recommending Earl Kendrick Building Surveyors for any Historic Building Repairs and Maintenance requirements you may have.
  • Insurance Solutions – Obtain quotes, check pricing and cover levels against the competition each year, plus we can handle claims and locate contractors when you need them.
  • Lease Extensions – If you are a Freehold Owner or Landlord served with a statutory lease extension notice, we can assist by responding to the notice or extending the leases by mutual agreement.
  • Lease Variation – If you have a site where the provisions of the existing leases are outdated or unworkable, variation can be possible if all parties are in agreement or by application to the Tribunal.
  • Legionella Risk Management – Legionella is a bacterium common in water systems which can result in Legionnaires’ disease. Once again, the landlord or agent of a block of flats has a duty to control the risks of Legionella in any pipes, tanks and taps in common parts (including a cleaner’s cupboard).
  • License to AlterBlock in a Box is recommending Earl Kendrick Building Surveyors for any License to Alter requirements you need.
  • Out of Hours – You’ll have the support you need no matter what time of day it is.
  • Party Walls – Block in a Box is recommending Earl Kendrick Building Surveyors for any Party Wall requirements you may have.
  • Planned Maintenance Program – Block in a Box is recommending Earl Kendrick Building Surveyors for any Planned Maintenance Program requirements you may have.
  • Reinstatement Cost Assessments – Help with reinstatement Cost Assessments or Buildings Insurance Valuations.
  • Right to Manage – Right to Manage (RTM) is a statutory right and can be exercised by serving a formal notice on the freeholder and any other relevant parties.
  • RMC Director Training – Managing your own building can give you control over repairs and maintenance, but it can also be complicated, stressful and an ominous challenge.
  • Rooftop Extensions – Every flat-roofed block of flats has the potential to have new accommodation added above it.
  • Rope Access Surveys – Block in a Box is recommending Earl Kendrick Building Surveyors for any Rope Access Surveys and Safety Testing requirements you may have.
  • Service Charge Arrears – When residents do not pay, what do you do? We can help!
  • Service Charge Collections – Design, email and save all service charge demands in a click of your mouse.
  • Prepay Meters – Need to charge your tenants for utilities used? We have the solution.
  • Utilities – How long has it been since you have checked the utility prices for your block? We can help!
  • Water Leak Detection – Effective water leak detection equipment and water conservation solutions.

We know that each property has different requirements, so there are some solutions you will need and others that you won’t.
For more information on any of our services simply call 0333 015 4145.