For anyone responsible for fire safety surveys for blocks of flats or other regular health and safety procedures, life just got a whole lot easier thanks to Block in a Box.

Community is one of the oldest human institutions, and by our nature we depend on one another in order for our physical and emotional needs to be met.  Any time a person is on their own for a protracted period, they may likely find themselves at risk – from predators, from random events, or even from themselves.  On the other hand, those who stick closely with their peers find comfort, safety, and protection.  Time and time again, the old adage about there being ‘safety in numbers’ rings true.

Apartment blocks are like little communities inside larger urban areas, and often have their own character, their own set of dynamics, and their own shared interest.  Living in close proximity to our neighbours promotes social contact and community spirit.  When we take an interest in those who live close to us, we can reap mutual benefits in terms of mental health, and establish relationships which may be advantageous now and in the future.

Of course, the most significant common interest most groups of neighbours share is the building they al inhabit.  And for the safety benefits of the social group to be fully enjoyed, the structure, fixtures, and fittings of the apartment block must be kept in safe condition too.  Poorly maintained apartment blocks have made news headlines recently, leading to a tightening of the rules governing health and safety inspections for blocks of flats.  It has therefore never been more important for landlords, building managers, and flat owners to be fully aware of the health and safety issues relating to apartment blocks, and the regulations which must be observed.

As you would expect, fire is always one of the most pertinent threats in communal residences, and commissioning fire risk assessments for blocks of flats is the responsibility of the landlord.  Fire Officers may require to see this document at any time.  They can also issue enforcement notices to have the site brought up to standard if needed.  Fire risk assessments for blocks of flats cover all the communal areas, as well as the exterior of the property.

Fire safety surveys for blocks of flats are just one of a number of health and safety reports which are required by law.  Others include an annual health and safety risk assessment of communal areas, and Legionella and asbestos reports.  Yes, keeping up with all these responsibilities can be a challenge, even for experienced building managers.

That’s why Block in a Box have devised a health and safety monitoring scheme which is designed to alleviate the headache of staying up-to-date.  By means of our professional partner, we can arrange your inspections in a timely and convenient manner and notify you when updated documentation is due.  Protect your community and assets by means of our market leading health and safety services.

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