Block in a Box has teamed up with SLC Solicitors to provide a range of legal services.

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Lease Extensions

If you are a Freehold Owner or Landlord served with a statutory lease extension notice, SLC can assist by responding to the notice or extending the leases by mutual agreement.

If you are a Managing Agent managing a block where the leases are approaching the 80 year threshold, then you may like to canvass the leaseholders about extending to render the properties more marketable and increase the sale value. SLC handle all aspects of the lease extension process including applications to Tribunal or Court to get the best result for our clients.

Lease Variation

If you have a site where the provisions of the existing leases are outdated or unworkable, variation can be possible if all parties are in agreement or by application to the Tribunal. SLC can assist with reviewing the leases, making recommendations and applying for variation.


The majority of leaseholders in a block of flats can collectively compel the freeholder to sell the freehold to them. SLC can advise on the procedure and options if you are served with such a notice- including dealing with a claim to the tribunal to ensure that the procedure is strictly followed or you can defend such an application where relevant.

Licence for Works

Leaseholders frequently want to alter their premises of carry out works and often need to obtain consent under the terms of their lease. SLC can act on behalf of landlords, management companies and developers to ensure adequate safeguards for the remainder of the building are put in place and that the statutory requirements in not unreasonably withholding consent are adhered to – timely advice can be crucial as delay if often a factor in a finding of unreasonableness.

Section 20 Guidance

Where leaseholders pay a variable service charge, they must be consulted before works are carried out that will cost more than £250 per leaseholder or when entering into a long term agreement for the provision of services. SLC can guide you through the consultation process with advice on timelines, content of notices and applying to the Tribunal for dispensation if required.

Breach of Lease

Leaseholders may breach the terms of their lease by doing something which is prohibited under the lease. SLC will provide straightforward advice on the terms of the lease and applying for determination of the breach with a view to ultimately forfeiting the lease or rectification of the breach. We can advise on the risk of inadvertently waiving the breach. We strive to recover costs from the leaseholders thus minimising the strain of litigation on your cash flow.


Nuisance can occur when leaseholders do something which has a negative impact on their neighbours. SLC can help you deal with noise complaints, water damage, Airbnb lettings, pets and all other nuisance complaints and actions. We have a clear and concise fee structure offering you peace of mind.

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