Top 5 Challenges Faced by Block Managers

It’s well known that working in the property industry has its challenges, and no more so than for the property managers themselves. Whether you’re part of an external management company or if you’ve set up as an RMC, you’re likely to have faced some or all of the issues below. Here’s our round up of [...]

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The Importance of Out of Hours Support

Block in a Box explains the importance of out of hours emergency cover, particularly leading up to winter. As much as most Property Managers and Residents’ Management Company (RMC) Directors may feel like they work 24/7, no one can be by their phone day and night. For the most part, maintenance issues can wait to [...]

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How to Handle Service Charge Arrears

Block in a Box explains how anyone involved in the property management industry will be fully aware of the importance of budgeting, financial planning, and cash flow when it comes to running a building. Largely, this means relying on the timely payment of service charges by leaseholders. Residents’ Management Companies (RMC) Directors dread their leaseholders [...]

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Manage Your Block of Flats Insurance

If you manage a block of flats, then you probably know that there are many challenges to handle which are unique to blocks of flats or apartments.  For example, you have leaseholders in your block of flats, which means many people who all have their own expectations.  Add to that that the behaviour of different [...]

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Insurance for Blocks of Flats

Securing appropriate insurance for your apartment block can be one of the most demanding tasks a Residents’ Management Company or Right to Manage Company director can be called upon to perform.  Why is arranging buildings insurance for a small block of flats such a headache when, in the face of things, it should be a [...]

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