Being a Residents’ Management Company (RMC) Director

The team from Block in a Box looks at the role and responsibilities of being a Residents' Management Company Director. Leading a Residents’ Management Company is no small undertaking. You’ll be working in a voluntary position that comes with legal requirements and responsibilities, compliance with ever-changing regulations and requires you to wear many different hats [...]

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The Short-Lived Joy of Finding a ‘Great Deal’

The team from Block in a Box explain why the the cheapest isn't always the best when it comes to buying insurance for your block of flats. When it comes to insurance, it’s no secret that premiums have been creeping up in price. This comes down to multiple factors including the current hard market, higher [...]

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Appointing Key Contractors

The Block in a Box team look at the importance of appointing key contractors to ensure your block is well maintained. Adequate maintenance of your block should be high on your list of priorities as an RMC and appointing the right people to put your plans into action is vital. Choosing the wrong contractor can [...]

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Is Apartment Living Losing its Appeal?

The Block in a Box team explore whether apartment living is losing its appeal. As we emerge from the pandemic, research is starting to show that the property market is changing, significantly. The new lean towards working from home, a reminder of the importance of time with family and a renewed appreciation for a personal, [...]

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A Go-To Facility for Block Managers

The Block in a Box team provide more information on the go-to  facility for block managers. Taking on the responsibility of managing a block of flats is daunting- especially if you’re a resident stepping up to run an RMC. The role requires many hats; accounting, health and safety, awareness of legalities, insurance, maintenance, customer service, [...]

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