If you manage a block of flats, then you probably know that there are many challenges to handle which are unique to blocks of flats or apartments.  For example, you have leaseholders in your block of flats, which means many people who all have their own expectations.  Add to that that the behaviour of different leaseholders can directly affect the condition of your building, but also the satisfaction of other leaseholders, and you have a difficult job on your hands.  Of course, managing a block of flats can be a satisfying role, but you cannot deny that it has its challenges.

That is why Block in a Box specialise in helping those that manage blocks of flats to deal with the more complicated or stressful processes.  Take insurance, for example.  We can help you locate a market-leading insurance policy designed specifically for blocks of flats or apartments.  With other types of building, insurance policies are a relatively simple proposition.  You simply need to speak with a broker, give details of the building, and there are usually some straightforward packages available for you.

That is not the case when it comes to getting a policy for a residential building which has various apartments or flats.  In most instances, owners need a tailor made policy which is suited, not only to the specific building itself, but also to the type of cover that is required.  At Block in a Box, we are on hand to help you to get the best cover.  Because we specialise in this service, you get the double benefit of not having to worry about the administration of the policy, whilst also saving money, because we can organise block of flats insurance policies that are within your budget.

The first thing for you to think about is the type of insurance you require.  You can find more about it on the insurance page of our website, but essentially you need to choose the types of cover that are suitable for you.  The most obvious cover is residential buildings insurance.  This gives an all-risks basis for the cover, so you are protected from accidental damage like fire as well as vandalism and malicious damage.

In addition to this basic cover, you may well want to add some of the other options.  Many residents’ management companies also require terrorism insurance for block of flats.  Although not every property needs this, some leases do require this cover.  You might also want directors and officers’ liability insurance, to protect these members of your company from errors and omissions performed whilst being a director for your block of flats. If you have a lift, you probably want your cover to include lift insurance and a regular inspection.

If this seems like a lot to think about, do not worry!  We can help you to manage your block of flats insurance.  Not only do we have expertise in this area, but we also have block of flat management software to help you with your administration.

Do not let your insurance be a stressful part of your work, and do not risk buying inadequate cover.  At Block in a Box, we can help you with the block of flat insurance UK residents’ management companies need – get in contact using the details on the website.