The Block in a Box team provide more information on the go-to  facility for block managers.

Taking on the responsibility of managing a block of flats is daunting- especially if you’re a resident stepping up to run an RMC.

The role requires many hats; accounting, health and safety, awareness of legalities, insurance, maintenance, customer service, mediation, debt collection, contractor appraisals, understanding leases and conducting new resident inductions… all of which require different skill sets and bring their own issues to the table.

Block in a Box has been designed as a ‘mix and match toolbox’ to help self-managed Residents’ Management Companies, Right to Manage Companies and Residents’ Associations handle this huge responsibility with ease and confidence.

It allowins you to pick and choose which services you need, safe in the knowledge that no matter what comes your way, you can find professional support- all in one place.

Services Covered

We have gathered recommended specialists in all applicable fields to simplify life for block managers, as well as building our own user-friendly software to make managing your block simpler.

Our recommended services and contractors have been curated alongside a steering committee of directors and association members to provide real assistance. Our recommendations include professionals to help with:

  • 3D Tours: Perfect for showcasing available units or your building as a whole.
  • Accounts and Budget Preparation: Hand over this vital task to the experts!
  • Alternative Accommodation: Our supplier can find hotel or rental accommodation, hire furniture and arrange storage, removals and packing.
  • Company Secretarial Solutions: Administrative tasks are time-consuming and full of room for error- hand it over and claim back your time.
  • Cyber Security Training: Our supplier can help you manage your cyber security, due diligence investigations, regulatory compliance, training & technology risk requirements.
  • Drone Surveys: Often quicker, cheaper and more reliable than traditional solutions such as using cherry pickers or erecting scaffolding.
  • Electric Charging Points: Our supplier delivers innovative, intelligent and inexpensive charging points for all brands of electric and hybrid cars.
  • Emergency Assistance: This service will take all incoming calls, triaging to determine whether any reported issue is deemed an emergency under our clients’ responsibility whilst also protecting the property from material damage and staff, residents and visitors from any Health & Safety issues.
  • Health and Safety Risk Assessments and Surveys: Your block requires a range of legally necessary Risk Assessments- our supplier will make sure your building is legally up to date and safe for your residents.
  • Insurance: Our supplier can find adequate cover that won’t cost the earth.
  • Legal Support: Lease extensions and variations, enfranchisement, licence for works, section 20 guidance , breach of lease, and nuisance- our supplier can assist with it all.
  • Manage Your Block Portal: Software designed for busy block managers; keeping all your block’s important information in one place.
  • Out-of-Hours Helpline: Our supplier’s Home Emergency policy provides you with a low-cost solution, ensuring help is always available when you need it most.
  • Prepay Meters: Our supplier’s solution can measure up to 3 utilities per tenant hub- you decide which utility company you want to use and what you want to charge each tenant for each utility.
  • Reinstatement Cost Assessments: Our supplier offers discounted rates to our customers on a national basis.
  • Repairs and Maintenance Directory: Our trusted supplier will provide you with a nationwide network of reliable tradespeople from all corners of the UK.
  • RMC Director Training: With input from IRPM, FPRA and ARMA, LEASE has produced another tool to help leaseholders gain confidence in the complex subject of leasehold.
  • Rooftop Extensions: Every flat-roofed block of flats has the potential to have new accommodation added above it- our supplier specialises in working with RMCs to realise that potential.
  • Service Charge Arrears and Collections: Tricky areas requiring expertise and good grasp of the law- we can help with both.
  • Third-Party Contractor Accreditation: Poor contractor management can lead to injuries, ill health, additional costs and delays- avoid it all by seeking third-party accreditation.
  • Utilities: Our supplier offers a full management service for those handling blocks of flats. They deal directly and professionally with any issues (such as billing queries) on your behalf.
  • Water Leak Detection: We recommend the leading supplier of affordable solutions to water leak detection and prevention for residential blocks of flats and apartments.

If you’re new to managing your block or need some assistance in an area you’ve not encountered before, Block in a Box is definitely the place to start.

Block in a Box not only provides information on how to protect your block of flats against emergencies over winter. We can also help with utilitiesrepairsinsurancehealth and safety, and just about any other issue a flat owner or manager might face. To learn more about leasehold management companies or freehold management companies, contact our friendly and professional team today on 0333 0154 145.