Urban lifestyles are changing and evolving more quickly than ever before, and astute service providers and investors can put themselves in line for substantial financial rewards by anticipating the needs of their city-dwelling clientele.  But sometimes, it can be less than obvious how imminent developments will shape societal trends going forward.  From time to time, it can seem like the various issues of concern to metropolitan residents can lead to a conflict of ideals, until technological or administrative solutions are found.  Block in a Box was conceived to afford such solutions – Learn more here.

Two such trends which may appear to be on a collision course are city apartment living, and electric vehicles.  Both these concepts are tailored specifically to the urban environment – they are intended to make good use of space, conserve resources, and have minimal impact on their surroundings in terms of waste products, noise, and so on.  But as we all know, EVs are designed to be plugged in to a mains electrical socket to keep their batteries charged.  Which, of course, begs the question, how do you charge an EV in an apartment?

If you are the landlord of an apartment block, your prospective tenants may be asking, can I get an electric car if I live in a flat?  Surely, no-one can be expected to trail a charging lead from the window or door of their new home to a parking area, and for those on upper floors, such a solution would prove impossible anyway.  The answer, as alluded to above, is that EV charging for apartments can be a part of the service provided by the landlord.  No conflict of interests, no stray cables, and the tenants get all the advantages of running an electric car.  Problem solved!

The only obstacle may be reticence on the part of property owners to fit electrical charging points for apartments parking areas.  As with any new technology, there are questions to be asked:  How much does it cost to install an electric charging point?  What is a type 2 charging point?  Who do you call to have the job done, and get it done right?  How is the system administrated once it’s up and running?

The answer to all these questions is Block in a Box.  Our service is a one-call solution for apartment managers and flat owners, covering matters relating to accounting, health and safety, insurance, legal support, maintenance, utilities, and so much more.  We always stay abreast of issues which affect urban living, including providing electrical charging solutions for blocks of flats.  Our team are here to provide the help you need to bring your property up to the standard you envision.

If you are considering installing electric car charging points in your apartment block, contact us for answers to your question, and to point you in the right direction.  The modern urban lifestyle offers many advantages, and our range of services are purpose-designed to allow everyone to reap the full benefits.

For more information, call 0333 0154 145 or email info@blockinabox.co.uk.