Darren Bagnall from Block in a Box, discusses the benefits of installing EV charging points to future-proof your residential block. We’re on the road to net zero, and residential block managers will play an important role in reaching that goal. Residents are becoming more and more eco-minded, and property value can be swayed by eco-friendly choices.

Here we’ll be focussing on electric vehicle charging and the various benefits of installing charge points at residential blocks; boosting market value, creating a sense of block community, and doing what you can to enable leaseholders to opt for eco-friendly choices.

Net Zero

The UK Government laid out their roadmap to Net Zero in November 2022 as part of the Net Zero Government Initiative, led by the United States of America. The roadmap details the Government’s plans for bringing government emissions to net zero by the year 2050.

Part of that plan includes tackling the issue of vehicle emissions. Current aims are to ensure that 80% of new cars (and 70% of new vans) sold in Great Britain must be zero-emission vehicles by 2030. That target increases to 100% for both cars and vans by 2035.

For the plan to work, easy access to charge points is essential. The Government is running a grant scheme to help with the cost of installations by landlords until the end of March 2025. You can read about that here, but for today, we’ll be focussing on why installing charge points at your site is essential for future-proofing your block.

Environmental sustainability

The first point is an obvious one. We may not all be signing up to Greenpeace, but it would be a hard-headed individual who didn’t understand the difficulties the planet and future generations are facing.

Installing charge points in your carpark is just one way that you can help towards improving sustainability, while also affording your residents the same opportunity. Many may be on the fence about opting for an electric vehicle, and convenience may be a huge factor in that decision.

Making charge points as accessible as possible may be a huge tick in a box that leads to many more making the choice to go electric. You could have a personal effect on the number of petrol and diesel vehicles on the road.

Increasing Property Value

For those less focussed on sustainability, this point is probably very high on the list of reasons to invest. Landlords will be keeping their eye on their property’s value, and adding charge points can prove to be a huge boost.

The Property Buying Company’s research into individual homes suggests that adding a charge point to the average family house can increase value by around 30%. For landlords looking to maintain or increase their market value, charge points can only send figures in the right direction.

Meeting Growing Demand

As a property manager, you may already be hearing from residents who are keen to charge their vehicles at home, or who want to buy an electric vehicle but want to be sure that plans for charge points are in the pipeline before taking the plunge.

It’s part of your role to identify and meet the needs of your residents, and you’re likely to find that charge points become an increasingly common request. It makes sense to get ahead of the game and boost resident satisfaction.

Attracting and Retaining Residents – Staying Competitive

Staying competitive within your area is an essential element of great property management. Electric vehicle-owning residents will have more choices as blocks add charge points to their listed amenities. It will only become more common- so don’t be left behind. Your block will be compared against other options by any buyers in the area. Not having charge points may mean you drop off the shortlist for many.

Community Engagement

Fostering a sense of ‘family’ within a block is one of the best ways to avoid issues; between neighbours, between resident and landlord, and between resident and property manager.

Installing charge points will give a sense of community from an eco-awareness perspective. Like-minded residents will share in their sense of living more sustainably, and the block may attract more leaseholders of the same ilk.

Corporate Social Responsibility

If you’re a block manager working for a management company, you’re likely to have corporate social responsibility goals in mind. Installing charge points shows a commitment to your responsibilities and can contribute towards a positive public image.

Eco-centric companies are favoured by the majority, according to RecyclingLives.com: “An independent study commissioned by SmartestEnergy reveals that consumers are increasingly favouring brands with a commitment to environmental sustainability. The study revealed that 4 out of 5 people describe themselves as likely to choose a brand with a positive approach to environmental sustainability.”

In summary, installing EV chargers at your block is a strategic move that not only addresses the immediate needs of residents, but also positions the property for long-term sustainability and competitiveness.

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