For most of us the purchase of our flat is the biggest financial transaction of our lives and with that much at stake it’s important to use the right conveyancer to avoid costly mistakes and delays.

As accredited members of the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme our expert conveyancing solicitors have helped thousands of clients to make the right move providing a fast, friendly and cost effective fixed fee freehold conveyancing service.

A broad outline of the legal work involved in the purchase of a property includes:

  • Obtaining information from your Sellers and checking that they have a good title to the property (which means that they have proper documentation to support their ownership)
  • Submitting searches of the appropriate authorities and raising enquiries of the Seller
  • Agreeing the terms of the Contract for the purchase with the Solicitors for the Sellers
  • When everyone is ready and the moving date has been agreed with the Sellers, exchanging Contracts on your purchase – this is the stage at which you are committed to the purchase
  • Making the pre-completion legal arrangements and checks
  • Where you are purchasing with the assistance of a mortgage, dealing with any conditions set by the Lender and reporting to them on the title to the Property
  • Obtaining the mortgage money from your lender and any balance that we need from you
  • On the completion day, paying for your new property and arranging for the keys to be released to you
  • Preparing any necessary Stamp Duty Land Tax return for your signature
  • After completion, registering your ownership of the property at the Land Registry and submitting any Stamp Duty Land Tax return

Our conveyancing fees range from £600 to £1,800 plus VAT depending on the type of property involved, its location and on your own personal circumstances. We’d be happy to provide you with a detailed breakdown of these costs for your purchase.

Management Company Fees

If the property is located on a development that’s subject to a service charge it’s likely that notice of the change of ownership will have to be given to the company that provides the services – the fee payable to the management company will vary dependant on the development and we won’t know the amount of this until we have been able to investigate the seller’s title and raise enquiries.

Stamp Duty

The amount of stamp duty payable to the Government on the completion of your purchase will depend on your personal circumstances and the location of the property. We’ll let you know how much the tax is as part of our detailed quote but have assumed for the purpose of this illustration that you are a first time buyer.

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