When you own a leasehold property, one of the most important documents in relation to your property is your lease.

The details within your lease will state the responsibilities of the parties involved and what conditions have been agreed to.

It is therefore crucial that your lease is clear and everyone involved agrees with how the details within it are interpreted. However, when that isn’t the case and sections of the lease are a bit vague or it has became outdated, or there is a mistake within the lease, a lease variation may be required. 

As leasehold property specialists, Brady Solicitors have extensive experience with assisting clients with lease variations.

As we also provide lease extension and lease review services, we’re fully aware of what a well written lease looks like and the importance of having one in place. We can assist you with: 

– Advice on the viability of the variation you would like to make and the best route to take to get the outcome you desire
– An assessment of the rest of the lease to establish whether we would recommend any further variations
– Advice on wording to use when informing other leaseholders of the proposed variation
– A drafted deed of variation, which we can send to all the relevant parties for approval
– Submission of the lease to land registry for registration once agreed upon. 

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