The lease extension process is challenging, with plenty of scope for error that can allow a challenge from a freeholder unwilling to co-operate with the request. The award-winning lease extension specialists at Brady Solicitors have handled thousands of lease extensions, helping leaseholders to extend their lease and secure the long-term value of their property.  

If your lease has 80 or less years to run then we recommend you act now to extend it, as delaying further is likely to make the process more expensive when you do go ahead. Additionally, mortgage providers are less likely to offer mortgages on properties with a lease that has 80 years or less left. 

The lease extension team at Brady Solicitors can: 

– Help you to decide whether the formal or informal route is the best option
– Prepare all the information required for the lease extension application, including assisting with the assessment of the premium for extending the lease
– Introduce you to an expert surveyor for help with securing the best deal on your lease extension premium
– Serve the Notice, which will trigger the formal statutory procedures
– Respond to requests for information from your freeholder – including in any Counter-Notice
– Handle the conveyancing of the new lease. 

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