At FRC, we have evolved and refined our external wall system surveying services to eliminate unnecessary confusion and costs for our clients.

Our complete External Wall Fire Safety process (in accordance with PAS 9980:2022) follows four straightforward stages, as follows:

Step One: Educate

Understanding the simplicity of the process is of paramount importance. We will support you with all information to empower you as a building owner or manager to confidently navigate the necessary steps, ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation.

Step Two: Fire Risk Assessment

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 in England mandates that Fire Risk Assessments consider all fire hazards within a building, including external walls.

Step Three: Abbreviated Site Inspection

An initial inspection of the external walls can be conducted to determine whether a full FRAEW is required. This preliminary assessment involves observing the condition, materials used and potential fire hazards on the external wall. By leveraging our expertise and knowledge, we can identify any areas of concern or potential risks, thereby assisting you in making informed decisions regarding the need for a comprehensive appraisal.

Step Four: FRAEW, in accordance with PAS 9980:2022

This comprehensive appraisal evaluates the specific risks associated with the external wall, enabling targeted measures to be implemented to mitigate fire hazards, ensure regulatory compliance and enhance the overall fire safety of the building.

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