It’s important to have someone on hand in case of emergency repairs or unforeseen circumstances within your property. This is especially important for those managing blocks of flats, as there are a number of things which may go wrong.

Block in a Box have partnered with Adiuvo, who will be available to help you no matter what time it is.

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This service will take all incoming calls and (under agreed procedures) triage to determine whether any reported issue is deemed an emergency under our clients’ responsibility whilst also protecting the asset they manage from material damage, and staff, residents and visitors from any Health & Safety issues.

Due to the nature of the service they offer, almost every call they take comes with the caller’s belief that their’s is an emergency. In order to collate information, instruct correctly and, at times, advise that an issue is not going to be actioned or is even their responsibility, customer service skills are at the forefront of every call.

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