We know that managing a block of flats can be hectic, stressful and time-consuming – especially when things aren’t organised. That’s why we created an online portal called Manage Your Block.

Manage Your Block Portal is a secure, easy-to-use website that offers access to your block’s details at the touch of a button.

It is a modern, paperless solution to managing your block. You don’t have to be a technology expert to use it; we’ve made it as easy to use as possible while maintaining its advanced functionality.

For a no-obligation demonstration of the ManageYourBlock system,
contact us at 0333 577 9070 or email info@manageyourblock.co.uk

How does it work?

Manage Your Block Portal is an online solution. Once signed up, we’ll send you your username and password information and from there you can use the website as a secure storage system.

You won’t have to worry about piles of paperwork or losing important documents as they are all kept together in one easy-to-reach place.

There are categories for each different type of documentation you would like to upload as well as spaces for resident, contractor and company director contact information.

We understand that directors and committee members have a lot to keep on top of, which is why we designed Manage Your Block with the help of a group of directors and committee members. We wanted their input so we make sure to understand the most effective way to hold all your vital information and to make your life easier; saving time by offering a fast and efficient interface to connect you, your residents and your block.

Who can use the portal?

This nifty online portal has been specifically designed for:

• Residents’ Management Companies
• Right to Manage companies
• Residents Associations

What can I use my Manage Your Block portal for?

Interested in getting a helping hand? Here’s a breakdown of everything the Manage Your Block portal can do for you:

• Provide a secure online space to store and manage your insurance documentation. Whatever you choose to upload; policy wordings, health and safety reports or any other notices, you will have instant access no matter where you are. That means that when your annual renewal comes around, it will be as stress-free as possible.

• You can store, view and update the contact list for all the flat owners in your block. This is especially useful if there is ever an issue which needs urgent attention, as all the contact information you may need is only a click away.

• Residents in your block can send you alerts in case of a problem; for example, a power shortage, a broken lift or even crime-related incidents in the local area. Not only does this make it simpler for you, it makes it a lot easier for your residents as well.

• Store a list of contractors’ details such as plumbers and electricians, so you’re prepared in case of the need for emergency repairs.

• Set up diary reminders to ensure you don’t forget anything- including health and safety risk assessments, gate inspections and much more. Like the rest of the portal, the calendar has been designed to be as simple to use as possible, while still being as advanced as you need it to be.

• Hold all your block’s vital information. This may include copy leases, financial records, fire evacuation procedures, along with other day-today procedure documents.

• Plus, you can request and accept quotes as well as issue work orders.

For a no-obligation demonstration of Manage Your Block Portal, please call our team on 0333 015 4145 or complete the form online at: www.manageyourblock.co.uk.

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