We understand that The Building Safety Act 2022 has set new standards for safety and accountability. Under the amendments made to the Fire Safety Order, it is required that” the Responsible persons of a building containing two or more sets of domestic premises provide residents with relevant fire safety information, in a format that is easily understood”. We’re here to ensure you comply with this effortlessly.

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Our Smart Safety FSI Posters are your ultimate solution for providing the precise information required.

How does this Benefit Property Managers?

Smart Safety has been designed to reduce the admin needed in order to manage the safety of your sites while also ensuring you remain compliant. As a property or block manager, you can use Smart Safety to customize a unique QR code for each of your properties in order to display in the communal areas. The QR code features include:

1. Easily Inform Residents of the Building’s Fire Policy
2. Present Important Fire Information
3. Provide residents with access to the Responsible Person’s contact details
4. Facilitate easy access to relevant risk assessments and building documents
5. Enable contractors to sign in and out, eliminating the need for your physical presence

The Building Safety Act 2022 is a crucial step forward in ensuring the safety of your residents. With the FSI Posters, you can embrace these changes with confidence and ease!

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