Need to charge your tenants for utilities used ? Smartlink45 is the solution. We can measure up to 3 utilities on one tenant hub. You decide which utility company you want to use and what you want to charge each tenant for each utility.

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Installation is easy, your tenant does not need the internet or broadband in order for the system to work and we have ensured that each step of the process from payments to daily usage is easily done.  You get your money each month, ensuring that your utility bills are taken care of.

Smartlink45 is designed, manufactured and supported in Britain by Meters UK.  Founded in 1981, the company has always strived to find unique solutions for the market and Smartlink is no exception.

Why is the system ideal for landlords ?

  • Easy installation.  No broadband or internet required. Your portfolio is tailored to your individual needs and all  information is readily available to you with the click of a button.
  • Both payment and landlord portals are available to you 24/7.
  • Landlords receive monthly payments and daily admin costs are deducted from the tenants credit, thereby making the cost of operating the system, to you, zero.
  • Our administration team keep you up to date with new developments and are on hand for all your queries and requirements, should you need any changes or advice.
  • If you are unable to individually meter your properties for water, we can assist with virtual water metering.

The web portal gives you, the landlord access to:-

  • The amount of credit on each meter.
  • Readings for each utility and usage per meter, both daily and historic.
  • Payments made by individual tenants or all tenants within the portfolio.
  • Access to graphs and ability to export information via csv. file to Excel or another accounting package.

 Why is the system ideal for your tenant?

  • Simple and easy payment page without any passwords or user names
  • Meter hub shows available credit and utility usage.
  • Online payments are available 24/7.
  • Support line available 8/5.
  • Emergency Credit available on each meter
  • No internet or home broadband required for the system to operate.

We ensure that your tenants always have their utilities up and running and should they require assistance, a Team member is always available 24/7.  We monitor each meter daily and should we encounter any issues, we contact you immediately to ensure it is taken care of.

Packages available:

  • Single Fuel ie. Electric only
  • Dual Fuels  ie. Electric and Gas
  • Tri-Fuels:  ie. Electric, Gas and Water

Four utilities are required for access to the system. Ie. 4 x Apartments or 2 x Apartments (2 utilities)

Live demonstrations of the system are available on request.

These are just some of the reasons why Block in a Box is delighted to be partnering with Meters UK. For further information, please contact us on 0333 015 4145.

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